English Structure
Choose The best Answer for each of the following sentences
1. Would you mind ___________ the window?
  a. shut
  b. be shut
  c. are shut
  d. are shutting
  e. shutting
  f. no best answer
2. I __________ for seven hours.
  a. work
  b. worked
  c. have worked
  d. am worked
  e. has worked
  f. no best answer
3. I __________ my homework.
  a. has not finish
  b. have not finish
  c. has not finished
  d. have not finished
  e. have not been finished
  f) no best answer
4. I ________ to Bombay tomorrow.
  a. shall not be returned
  b. will not be returned
  c. shall not return
  d. will not return
  e. c, d are correct
  f) no best answer
5. _______ she ________ to Bali tomorrow ?
  a. shall, be returned
  b. will, be returned
  c. shall, return
  d. will, return
  e. c, d are correct
  f) no best answer
6. She has ______ the water.
  a. boil
  b. boiled
  c. boiler
  d. boiling
  e. boil over
  f) no best answer
7. They use Chinese as a ______________.
  a. common language
  b. commonly language
  c. commonness language
  d. language common
  e. language commonness
  f) no best answer
8. She _________ me before.
  a. never has seen
  b. has never seen
  c. never have seen
  d. have never seen
  e. has never see
  f) no best answer
9. The test is _______________ .
  a. easy and interesting
  b. easy and interested
  c. easy and interest
  d. easiness and interesting
  e. easiness and interested
  f) no best answer
10. We will analyze the _____________ data.
  a. request
  b. requesting
  c. to request
  d. requested
  e. requests
  f) no best answer
11. The blue car ___________ at Lumpini park is mine.
  a. park
  b. parking
  c. to park
  d. parked
  e. parks
  f) no best answer
12. I cant remember __________.
  a. whose bag is that
  b. whose bag that is
  c. that is whose bag
  d. a, b are correct
  e. b, c are correct
  f) no best answer
13. _____________ is uncertain.
  a. That he will go aboard
  b. He will go aboard
  c. Will he go aboard
  d. Will go aboard
  e. Go aboard
  f) no best answer
14. Saturday is the day ___________ he will arrive.
  a. when
  b. where
  c. why
  d. that
  e. which
  f) no best answer
15. The building __________ my branch office is located is near the school.
  a. when
  b. where
  c. why
  d. that
  e. which
  f) no best answer
16. The basketball match which I had to watch yesterday was very ________ .
  a. excite
  b. excited
  c. exciting
  d. excites
  e. excitedly
  f) no best answer
17. Marks is ____________ about ___________ to Bangkok.
  a. excite, go
  b. excited, going
  c. exciting, go
  d. excites, going
  e. excitedly, go
  f) no best answer
18. ___________the project for six months, the government gave approval.
  a. Consider
  b. Having considered
  c. Considering
  d. Considered
  e. To consider
  f) no best answer
19. I invited him _________ the meeting next Monday.
  a. to attend
  b. attending
  c. was attended
  d. attended
  e. attends
  f) no best answer
20. Why did she refuse __________ me the truth?
  a. to tell
  b. telling
  c. tell
  d. told
  e. having told
  f) no best answer
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