English Structure
Choose The best Answer for each of the following sentences
 1)        She refuses_________my question.
  a)  answer
  b)  to answer
  c)  answering
  d)  answered
  e)  to be answered
  f)  no best answer
 2)        I am proud_________to speak.
  a)  invite
  b)  invited
  c)  inviting
  d)  to invite
  e)  to be invited
  f)  no best answer
 3)        Would you mind __________ to a movies ?
  a) go
  b) to go
  c) going
  d) went
  e) gone
  f) no best answer
 4)        Paul is thinking of ___________ to England in June.
  a) go
  b) to go
  c) going
  d) went
  e) gone
  f) no best answer
 5)        The ___________ car is cheap.
  a) use
  b) to use
  c) used
  d) to be used
  e) using
  f) no best answer
 6)         Could you tell me _________________ ?
  a) where the nearest hospital is
  b) when the nearest hospital is
  c) where is the nearest hospital
  d) where are the nearest hospital
  e) the nearest hospital is where
  f) no best answer
 7)         I want to know _________________ .
  a) how much is this cap
  b) how much this cap is
  c) how much do this cap is
  d) how much be this cap
  e) this cap is how much
  f) no best answer
 8)        I will hire Mr. Wilson ______________ .
  a) who you choose
  b) who you choose Mr. Wilson
  c) whom you choose
  d) whom you choose Mr. Wilson
  e) a, c are correct
  f) no best answer
 9)        This is the house ________ I used to live.
  a) which
  b) where
  c) that
  d) whose
  e) why
  f) no best answer
 10)        _______ it doesnt stop raining, I will go outside.
  a) If
  b) Since
  c) Though
  d) Even if
  e) c, d are correct
  f) no best answer
 11)      A glass _____________ .
  a) broke by Somsri
  b) broken by Somsri
  c) was broken by Somsri
  d) were broken by Somsri
  e) was broke by Somsri
  f) no best answer
 12)      The problems _________ by us this morning.
  a) discusses
  b) discussed
  c) are discussed
  d) were discussed
  e) to discuss
  f) no best answer
 13)      She always __________ shopping every Saturday.
  a) go
  b) goes
  c) went
  d) gone
  e) is
  f) no best answer
 14)      My boss _________ to England last year.
  a) flies
  b) flew
  c) was flown
  d) is flying
  e) is flown
  f) no best answer
 15)      ________ me this book, please.
  a) Give
  b) Gives
  c) Gave
  d) Be given
  e) Given
  f) no best answer
 16)      Tony _________ basketball yesterday.
  a) does not play
  b) did not play
  c) did not played
  d) not play
  e) not played
  f) no best answer
 17)      You must _______ your debts.
  a) payment
  b) payer
  c) payee
  d) payable
  e) pay
  f) no best answer
 18)      Her _______ in the tests is not very good.
  a) performance
  b) performer
  c) perform
  d) performed
  e) performances
  f) no best answer
 19)      The composition which I read is ________ .
  a) imagination
  b) imagine
  c) imaginative
  d) imaginatively
  e) c, d are correct
  f) no best answer
 20)      I spent the day _______ in cleaning my room.
  a) use
  b) user
  c) usage
  d) useful
  e) usefully
  f) no best answer
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