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Did you know? (س...)
Ӷ : 12 a.m. ѹ§ѹ §׹ѹ?
ӵͺ : 12 a.m. §׹ Ѻ ǹ 12 p.m. §ѹ

ѡ 1 ѹ 24 ǧ 12 á§׹֧ 11 59 ҷ a.m. ǧ 12 ͤѧ§ѹ仨֧ 5 59 ҷ p.m.

p.m. ҡеԹ post meridiem ѧ afternoon ѧ§ѹ, ͹

a.m. ҡеԹ Ante meridiem ҡ͹§
Ӷ : Home vs House
ӵͺ : \'Home\' means the place where you live or came from especially when this is the place where you feel happy and comfortable.
\'House\' is a building that you live in, especially one that has more than one level and is intended to be used by one family.

䧤Ѻ ͧӹҺҹ駤 ѧ Home դ¶֧ҹդ դͺ դͺ蹤Ѻ դآ աԨѹ
ǹ House դԧʶҹ my house my place ѧѾ 繵֡ ͧ ѧ ÷ӹͧ

Ҩͺ੾Фҹ鹹ФѺ ԧѹա¤
Ҩԭ仺ҹ͡ Please come to my house (my place)
ͨк͡Һҹš͡ My house is very far away from here.

I'm going home ФѺ
Ӷ : ҪǵҧҵԶس How do you do? سеͺҧ
ӵͺ : ͺ How do you do? Ѻ
ӹǹ How do you do? Ӷ §ӷѡѺѡѹ繤á ʴՔ ͧ
Ӷ : Ҩжǵҧҵ سҨҡ˹ ӵͺ㴼Դ
1. Where are you come from?
2. Where do you come from?
3. Where are you from?
ӵͺ : 1 Դ Ѻ
ͧҡ¤ 1 շ Verb to be are Verb come ͹ѹ 觼Դѡ grammar
Ӷ : ҡǵҧҵԶ How are you? ӵͺ㴼Դ
1. Im fine.
2. Quite well
3. So-so
4. Im just fine.
5. Very well, thanks.
ӵͺ : բ㴼Դ Ѻ
͡ҡѧöͺաӹǹ Great Wonderful Terrific դ ” ա
Ӷ : س Ӷ What make is your car? ?
ӵͺ : What make is your car? ¤ öͧسҨҡÔ ¤ öͧس?
Ӷ : س What do you do?
ӵͺ : Ӷ͹ سСͺҪվ?
褹ǹ˭ سѧÔ
駹鹶ҤسСͺҪվǡ ͧͺ Im an engineer.
Ӷ : ҪǵҧҵԶس Will not you go to the party tonight? Ҩеͺ ѹ仔 еͺҧ?
ӵͺ : No, I will not.
觻¤ӵͺẺ No, I will not go to the party tonight.
ҵͺ Yes. 觨 Yes, I will go to the party tonight. (׹ѹ仧ҹ§¹)
Ӷ : դس Do you have a Dutch wife at home? س㨤¢ͧӹҧ
ӵͺ : Ҥس سҪŹҔ ʴҤس㨼Դ!
ФӶ¤ س͹ҧҹҔ
a Dutch wife = a bolster ͹ҧ
Ӷ : Keep your head up.
ӵͺ : ˹ѧͧ Miss Congeniality 2 թҡ˹ҵǨ͡Ѻ ѡ׺ Hart (Sandra Bullock) ҧͧͧ͡ Keep your head up. ˹ҵǨ͡ҧͧ͡ ˹Ң鹔 ͡ФѺ ӹǹ¶֧ ѧǴД
Ӷ : Dont just give ear but you should be all ears
դٴҧѺس س㨻¤ҧ ҧ§
سٷ سҧ?
ӵͺ : ҤسҧʴҤس㨼Դش ӹǹ ҿѧѡҿѧ سèпѧҧ͡ ҤԴǭ
Ӷ : ͤسٴ I cant speak English well. Ѻ
ҡͺѺ Dont sell yourself short. س¶֧?
ӵͺ : ӹǹ¶֧ Ҵٶ١ͧѺ
Ӷ : Answer the door, please. Get the door, please.
ӵͺ : س ͺе˹” سҹӻе˹” ͡ФѺ
ͧӹǹ Դе˹¤Ѻ
Ӷ : Yesterday was a holiday, so I decided to sleep in.
ӵͺ : sleep in Ѻͧ ǤѺ Шԧ
sleep in ӹǹ ͹¤Ѻ
sleep around ѺùФѺ ѹ ѹѺ价
Ӷ : ¤仹㴶١ͧ
1. He goes to school by a car.
2. He goes to school by the car.
3. He goes to school by his car.
4. He goes to school by car.
ӵͺ : 4 Թҧ¾˹á
by + ˹ article ˹
by bus Թҧö 繵
Ӷ : Ҥسоٴ ǹҧҡ 5 Ô ѧ سоٴҧ
ӵͺ : Lumpini Park is 5 kilometers from Siam Square.

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